An Aurak draconian, a Sivak draconian and a Bozak draconian

Draconians are a race of humanoid dragons from the book series Dragonlance, based on Dungeons & Dragons.

They were created by the dragon goddess Takhisis( an alternate version of Tiamat), as her personal army of minions, by corrupting the eggs of good aligned dragons.

Takhisis and her dragon highlords used draconians as troops against the heroes of the lance during the series. Draconians tend to be more loyal soldiers than goblins or ogres and mercenaries in general and there are various types of draconians, each with a special ability. Some are skilled spellcasters.

Types of draconians

  • Aurak Draconian
  • Baaz Draconian
  • Bozak Draconian
  • Flame Draconian
  • Frost Draconian
  • Kapak Draconian
  • Lightning Draconian
  • Sesk Draconian
  • Sivak Draconian
  • Traag Draconian
  • Vapor Draconian
  • Venom Draconian

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