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Dr Leonard Price was an antagonist from Chaos! comics. He was created by Brian Pulido.


Dr Leonard Price was the psychiatrist of Mr and Mrs Price, who were concerned about their son. Despite their abuse being common knowledge, Price refused to believe that he was abused by his parents, often blaming the young boy for his various psychological problems. 

After Ernest went on his first killing spree, Dr Price worked at the asylum in which he was placed. He was in favor of killing Ernest, and was eventually thrown into the asylum for his murderous tendencies. This would prove beneficial, however, as after Evil Ernie came to life he was protected behind the asylum walls. After the rampage began, Price manged toe scape and was instrumental in temporarily halting Ernie's rampage.

In the Ressurrection story-arc, Dr Price is at a court hearing regarding the original rampage when Evil Ernie returns in Washington DC. Dr Price was able to join the military, and was involved in many of the plans to stop Evil Ernie. in the Revenge! story arc, Price is under the false impression that Evil Ernie was weak against sound. Despite Price's erroneous presumptions, He was able to pilot a mech suit and temporarily defeat a weakened Evil Ernie.

Evil Ernie was still kicking, however, and eventually returned to fight Leornard Price again, this time both destroying his mech and tearing off both of his arms. Though Evil Ernie could have easily killed Dr Price, he let him live as a morbid joke. This would prove a bad move for EVil Ernie, as Price would get a pair of mechanical arms and be completely rehabilitated, eventually killing and replacing the new president. 

Personality and Traits

Despite being a psychiatrist, Leonard Price shows many tell-tale signs of a psychopath. He is seen killing indiscriminately even those who had previously been close to him. Price is also shown to be greedy and remarkably driven, achieving even arbitrary goals so at the price of hundreds of humans lives.

All of these traits, combined with his knowledge of science and fighting skills make Price a very effective nemesis to Evil Ernie.