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Dr. Who

Dr. Who (also known as Dr. Hu) is the main antagonist in the American/Japanese animated TV series, The King Kong Show, and its Japanese film adaptation, King Kong Escapes. He is a mad scientist who desires to capture King Kong for his own evil schemes.

The King Kong Show

Dr. Who is the most recurring antagonist of the show. He is a dwarf, bald, big-brained, and bespectacled mad scientist who wants to capture King Kong to serve his manipulative, blasphemous, and diabolical plans. He often uses giant robots or monsters to fight King Kong, notably Mechani-Kong. doctor who tries to destroy susan bond by frezzing her heart and by senting snakes to stop her. doctor who takes susan's watch and makes a clock snake to defeat and stop susan

King Kong Escapes


Hideyo Amamoto played Dr. Who in the live action film. The character is very different from his cartoon counterpart, as he's not dwarf nor bald nor bespectacled. He also seems to be even more sadistic and cruel, as seen when he kills an old man for no reasons.

As in the cartoon, he is the creator of Mechani-Kong, although he has just created him to dig for Element X from the Arctic underground. After his robot has been damaged, he captures the real King Kong and then kidnaps Susan Watson, the only person who can control the giant ape. However, King Kong escapes and swims to Tokyo, with both Mechani-Kong and Dr. Hu in hot pursuit. After defeating the robot, Kong attacks Dr. Who's ship and destroys it. Inside, Dr. Who is crushed by falling debris and is soon killed as the ship finally floods and sinks.

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