Dr. Whipple is a recurring character and major antagonist of The Garfield Show.

He was voiced by the late Stan Freberg.


His first job was a pet behavior trainer, with a program to show the results of pets with improved behavior. Garfield was forced to go through Dr. Whipple's course, which included many disagreeable and unpleasant activities. Upon finding out that a disguised Harry was able to do well by pretending to be so good, Garfield discovers the true nature of the program. When he appears on Dr. Whipple's show, Garfield manages to expose the doctor's phony program, which ruins his business.

His second role was getting Garfield to do chores around the Arbuckle farm. He has helped Garfield twice: once by giving Eddie gourmand a checkup; later by telling Garfield that he is in control of his dreams when Nathan was controlling one of Garfield's dreams.

His third role was another television program where he helped animals with the way they felt. His test subject was an elephant named Shrimpy, who performed tricks for people to be a result of Whipple's methods. But as it turns out that Dr. Whipple treated Shrimpy so harshly, even denying him food. Garfield helps Shrimpy gain the confidence to escape. Whipple threatens severe punishment on Shrimpy. This results in the police arresting Whipple, as mistreating animals is against the law. Whipple considers turning Shrimpy over to the zoo in exchange for a lighter sentence.


  • He occasionally has multiple jobs throughout the series.