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Dr. Wani

Dr. Wani

Dr. Wani is the main antgonist in Frogger: The Ancient Shadow.

Frogger and Igunis must stop Dr. Wani before he brings into chaos.

Frogger was defeat Dr. Wani on the top of the tower and defeat him.

Frogger and Igunis was about to defeat Dr. Wani and stop him but Dr. Wani Hipnotis Igunis to kill Frogger. Frogger was stopping Dr. Wani for controling Igunis to stop him Frogger must stop him buy helping him. So Frogger and Igunis finally defeat Dr. Wani and so Dr. Wani was talking to Igunis and Igunis was lying to Dr. Wani so Dr. Wani lose and he was sad.

So Igunis was still alive and he was back and they thought he was dead in ending scene.

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