Dr. Wackerstein
The late great Flatnoteski WILL LIVE AGAIN!!
~ Dr. Wackerstein

Dr. Wackerstein is the main villain of the TV series "The Mouse and the Monster". He is a small purple-skinned mad scientist bent on reviving a dead pianist.


Dr. Wackerstein is insane and a lunatic. However, he has good intentions, but mostly badly mean.


Dr. Wackerstein happens to be a fan of the famed pianist Flatnoteski, who suddenly died of a heart attack during one of his performances, much to the audience's shock. Dr. Wackerstein, who was among the audience, is completely distraught and vowed to create a new body for Flatnoteski's living brain in order for Flatnoteski's legacy to live on. To that end, he created a golem named Mo, who has already developed a mind and personality and didn't want to make room for a brain that wasn't his. However, a mouse named Chez helps Mo escape, and from that moment, Wackerstein vows to catch the duo throughout the series. Wackerstein also had a wife named Olga, whom he always calls "Igor", much to her chagrin.