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Dr. Von Schultz is a minor antagonist from Champions Online, a mad scientist under the employment of the player's Nemesis- he has set to work creating many clones of Mayor Biselle with the intention of replacing Millenium City's leader and outlawing all superheroes on behalf of the Nemesis.

However, Dr. Von Schultz's clones are all somewhat botched and this, coupled with the arrival of the hero, makes the Nemesis grow tired of Dr. Von Schultz, who is last seen apologizing to his master over his failure only to be murdered in cold blood, his final words being "Noo! I only ever served you!".

Following Dr. Von Schultz's death, the player learns that a Giant Cloned Mayor is being sent to City Hall alongside the Nemesis and several other villains- prompting the hero to go forth to raid city hall before the Nemesis can conquer the city.

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