Dr. Vogel is a leading member of SPECTRE and a supporting antagonist in the 2015 24th James Bond movie Spectre. She comes from Germany and is present in the SPECTRE meeting in Rome, which is disrupted by James Bond.

She is portrayed by Brigitte Millar.


After having found out that a SPECTRE meeting is held in Rome, Bond infiltrates the meeting, using the ring he got from the now dead Marco Sciarra. There, he witnesses the SPECTRE leaders discussing their latest successes. After one of them has talked about their counterfeit pharmaceutical business, he to Dr. Vogel, who states that they have placed 160,000 migrated females into the leisure sector and that the completion of the Global Surveillance initiative means that their capaability is second to none. She claims that now is the time for aggressive expansion, but before she can continue the meeting is interrupted when the hall's great doors swing open and Ernst Stavro Blofeld enters the room, causing every SPECTRE member to reverently remain quiet. After Blofeld has taken seat and tells the board to not be disturbed by his presence, Vogel, now visibly nervous, repeats that there are only positive news. After Vogel is done, the subject turns to the success of Marco Sciarra. Eventually Mr. Hinx becomes Sciarra's successor, killing his opponent Guerra. During the murder, Vogel demonstratively looks away. The meeting is later disturbed when Blofeld adresses Bond, causing the agent to flee.

Though she is not seen after this, she might make a return in the next Bond movie.


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