Dr. Tongue (original form)


Dr. Tongue (spider-form)


Dr. Tongue (final form)

Dr. Tongue
is the main antagonist of the video-game Zombies Ate My Neighbors. He is implied to be behind the invasion of monsters, a mad scientist by trade he has a collection of castles to his name (which serve as levels in the game) where the hero can face a varied collection of ghouls while also rescuing victims from dungeon chambers.
Dr. Tongue is then faced in battle for the first time in Level 36 where he drinks one of his many potions, transforming into a giant spider - when defeated the mad scientist drinks another potion and vanishes.
When faced again Dr. Tongue once again transforms into a giant spider but calls on the aid of other monsters, once defeated this time round he drinks another potion and mutates horribly into a giant floating head that attacks via firing tongues at the hero.
Dr. Tongue's final transformation is noted for having a particularly gruesome quality of becoming more visibly mutated the more it is damaged until it is destroyed in a fiery explosion, presumably killing off the mad scientist in the process.