Dr. Terminus is the main antagonist of the Disney and Don Bluth movie, Pete's Dragon.

Dr. Terminus was a con artist who specialized in selling "miracle cures" to unwary individuals but became obsessed with capturing the dragon Elliott as he reads up on the legends of how dragon body-parts are said to be infused with many useful properties. He has a sidekick named Hoagy.

Dr. Terminus plans on capturing the dragon so as to dismember him and use his body-parts to create new "miracle cures" to make himself rich - in order to do so he allies with the gruesome Gogans, who wish to get rid of Elliott so that they can force Pete into a miserable life of child-labor and cruelty.

In the end, Dr. Terminus meets his defeat when, in an effort to harpoon Elliott, his leg is caught in the rope and he is sent catapulting through the ceiling and hanging upside down.