Dr. Dirk Spamflex is the main villain in the TV and book series Fleabag Monkeyface and host of the TV show Yucky Science who turned evil after discovering Fleabag Monkeyface and tried to conquer the world with a monster called Earmageddon, which resulted in Yucky Science being cancelled. Now, Fleabag, Gene and Gerald air their show Gross Out TV in the void left by Yucky Science.

Since then Spamflex has been concocting foul plans to get his show back, mostly by sabotaging the trio's episodes and blaming them for his crimes, but always falls foul at the hands of studio boss Frank 'The Force' Forcemire. His catchphrase is "I WANT MY TV SHOW BACK!!!" used at the end of every episode. Interestingly, he's the only major character in the show to speak with a British accent.

His sidekick is a parrot called Deathbeak.