Dr Sebring

Dr. Sebring is the secondary antagonist of the 2011 horror film The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence). He is the psychiatrist of the film's protagonist villain Martin Lomax and although seemingly caring, he is actually a sexual deviant looking to rape Martin.

He is played by Bill Hutchens, who appears in the sequel The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) as an Inmate.


Dr. Sebring is the family friend of the Lomax family and the psychiatrist to Martin Lomax. He is informed by Martin's mother Mrs. Lomax that Martin keeps talking about a human centipede with 12 people in it. Dr. Sebring diagnosed that Martin might of been relating the pain a centipede bite can inflict along with its phallic shape to the sexual and psychological abuse he endured from his father. Despite this, he assured them there is nothing to worry about and it may just be a passing phase.

Despite his apparent friendly nature and caring about Martin's well being, in reality Mr. Sebring is just as corrupt and is a sexual deviant looking to rape Martin. Sometime later, he is in the parking lot where Martin works receiving oral sex from a prostitute, and speaks of wanting to rape Martin. Martin arrives, shoots the driver of a cab that Sebring is receiving oral in and injures the fleeing prostitute. Dr. Sebring exits the car and is shocked to see it is Martin. Sebring attempts to calm him down and orders Martin to hand over the gun. However Martin shoots Sebring in the genitals, and then in the forehead, killing him.

It is hinted at the end of the film that Martin had dreamed up the whole event, leaving his fate unknown.