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Dr. Saturn is one of the main villains from Battle Circuit. Listed as criminal no. 9696X, he is a rogue mad scientist who, like everyone else in the game, is after the Shiva System disk. The five bounty hunters from Harry's agency chase him down on his space ship and capture him and his slimy partner. He escapes and steals the disk, which was with Johnny of the Delete Gang. The bounty hunters chase him through the streets, but he manages to escape. They go after him in his secret lab, where he sends his giant robot, Octopus Mark II, to attack them. They destroy the robot, but then Zipang, one of the Delete Gang's members, invades the lab and takes the disk away, capturing both Dr. Saturn and the bounty hunters and leaving them in Delete's prison camp. Saturn escapes and follow the bounty hunters, knowing they would take him to the Shiva System. Once there, he fights them along with his redesigned Octopus Mark III, but ends defeated again. After the Master Program is destroyed, Dr. Saturn is captured again by the bounty hunters, as the place explodes.

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