Dr. Sammael is the true main villainess from the 2007 film, Born. She is a psychiatrist who is visited by Asmodeus, a demon from Hell who impregnated his sister, Mary Elizabeth, in an attempt to become human (as part of his deal with Satan). Before their session starts, Dr. Sammael is given a gun by Asmodeus, who tells him to shoot whenever necessary. The session ends with Sammael shooting Asmodeus, but the bullets do not kill him, and Asmodeus attacks Sammael and leaves her for dead. After Mary Elizabeth gives birth, however, Sammael resurfaces and reveals herself as Satan, and she later kills Asmodeus and sends him back to Hell. After doing so, the evil Sammael took possession of Mary Elizabeth's baby, and laughed evilly as she left with her minions.

Dr. Sammael was played by Joan Severance, who also portrayed the villainous Eve in See No Evil, Hear No Evil.