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Dr. Ronald Spaulding is the main antagonist of The Suite Life Movie.


Being the twin brother of Dr. Donald Spaulding, jealous of his twin brother, Ronarld began a complicated plan to unify all twins and make certain there were no more inferior twins. He disguised himself and changed his name to "Ronald Olsen" and began his evil program called the Gemna project. Rounding up multiple twins from across the world he linked them alll in his project. Then manipulating the events he caused Zack and Cody to join so that Cody could get a schoolrship to yale. Arriving there, he used stolen work from his brother to being the process on them, creating a link between the twins, causing them to first share physical stimulus, then emotional and finally mental.

But together they uncovered his real plans for the Gemna project, to permantly link all the twins in the world. Trying to escape, Spauding used his devince to take control of all the other twins and caused them to case them. Trcking them down after a chase they were dragged back to his laboratory where he began the process of permantly melding them into one. However there friends arrived with Doctor Donald Spaulding. Thus Ronarld revealed his true identity. He began the process of the meld, however through will power Zack and Cody managed to resist the process causing the machine to collapse and freeing them.

Suffering a break down, Ronald tried to fix the machine and was captured. Coming with an idea, the they managed to cause a small link between Ronald and Donald, finally realising how much his brother truely cared about him, Ronald surrended and was taken away for crimes against humanity. Never the less the two brothers agreed to meet up and repair their relationship when he got out.