Dr. Ronald Meltzer was the main antagonist of the Angel episode "I Fall To Pieces" - a gifted surgeon and client of Wolfram & Hart he was also suffering from extreme delusions which had only worsened due to him stumbling upon a strange ability to remove parts of his body and control them independently.

He started to believe that everyone was connected on a near-spiritual level due to molecules and began to stalk a woman named Melissa, who he had performed surgery on to save her sight and shared a single drink with.

Angel began to realise that Meltzer's obsession with Melissa was down to the surgeon's total inability to form geniune relationships and fear of being alone, yet in order to stop the madman Angel had to go to extreme lengths - dividing his still living body parts into twelve separate boxes and dumping them into a nearby subway.

This was the only way to truly stop Meltzer and Angel theorised that in time the body parts would die since they could not rejoin, thus Meltzer's threat was seemingly destroyed for good.