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Robotnik Prime

Full Name
Dr. Julian Robotnik
Robotnik, Sire (called by his nephew, Snively) bottom-dwelling scum-sucker, the big round guy, ro-butt-nick (sonic)
Sonic the Hedgehog 1993 cartoon series (SATAM)
Mad scientist, evil ruler
Evil plotting, strength, flight (with hover boots), using his eyes as flashlights
Sending robots to attack Sonic on planet Mobius, torturing his nephew, Snively, stroking cluck, gloating
put an end to free-will, prove his species superiority.
Type of Villain
Evil Genius, Mad Scientist, Dictator, Cyborg

This article is about the "Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoon series villain - you can find information on the mainstream version in Dr. Eggman

Snively, what color is my heart?"
"I don't see one sir..."
~ Robotnik when opening his mouth for Snively to find his heart

Dr. Julian Robotnik is the chief villain in the 1993 Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon series ("SATAM"). His goal is to turn all life on planet Mobius into robots to do his bidding and to outlaw fun of any kind. He has a dim-witted nephew named Snively Robotnik and a pet robotic crow named Cluck. He was once King Acorn's right-hand man, until Robotnik staged a hostile takeover, turning his kingdom into "Robotropolis" and banishing the king into another dimension.

Final Episode

In the final episode, he was seemingly destroyed when Sonic and Sally destroyed his doomsday base, but in actuality there was supposed to be another season where it was revealed that Robotnik was actually banished into the Void, where he would become a servant to Ixis Naugus, who is the only person Robotnik is afraid of. However, the show's abrupt cancellation prevented this, leading to what is perhaps the worst unresolved cliffhanger in television history.


Julian is a control freak incarnate. His desire is to have utter and complete global control over every living thing on mobius. He has the psychotic belief of self-entitlement, thinking robots are superior to mobians, humans are superior to robots, and he himself is superior to humans. This is because he didn't robotocize snively, or the wizard, lazaar. Julian does however hate non-human species, as ben hust wrote he was a scientist from earth, who accidentally destroyed his space station in a failed attempted takeover, and escaped but got thrown millenia into the future, and in that time, humans died in a nuclear holocost, and the animals mutated into mobians. Robotnik and another survivor, his nephew snively, returned, and robotnik thought the 'two-handed man' should be king. Robotnik is xenophobic, pompous, cruel, and very, very intelligent. However, he is somewhat cowardly when it comes to the presence of his former master Ixis Naugus, whom he feared the most and betrayed by sending him to the Void permanently.


  • This version of Robotnik was the basis for the eventually much more prominent comic book version.
  • When Jim Cummings did Robotnik, he used the voice technique that Boris Karloff used when he voiced the Grinch.

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