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Robotnik Prime

Full Name
Dr. Julian Robotnik
Robotnik, Sire (called by his nephew, Snively) Bottom-Dwelling Scum-Sucker, The Big Round Guy, Ro-Butt-Nick (Sonic)
Sonic the Hedgehog 1993 cartoon series (SATAM)
Mad scientist, Evil ruler of Mobius
Evil plotting, strength, flight (with hover boots), using his eyes as flashlights
Sending robots to attack Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters, torturing his nephew, Snively, stroking Cluck, gloating, turning people into his slaves, trying to kill Sonic and his friends, polluting and destroying beautiful lands.
Put an end to free-will, prove his species superiority. Take over the world (succeeded). Turn Sonic's allies into slaves. To either roboticize or kill Sonic, turn the world into a polluted wasteland.
Type of Villain
Mastermind, Mad Scientist, Dictator, Cyborg, Knight of Cerebus, Complete Monster
Snively, what color is my heart?"
"I don't see a heart, sir..."
~ Robotnik when opening his mouth for Snively to find his heart
I really hate that hedgehog, I hate him, I hate him, HATE HIM, hate, hate, hate, HATE!
~ Robotnik's final words
A nice dream. But dreams are meant to be... Broken.
~ Robotnik

Dr. Julian Robotnik is the main antagonist in the 1993 Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon series ("SATAM"). His goal is to turn all life on planet Mobius into robots to do his bidding and to outlaw fun of any kind. He has a dim-witted nephew named Snively and a pet robotic rooster named Cluck. He was once King Acorn's right-hand man, until Robotnik staged a hostile takeover, turning his kingdom into "Robotropolis" and banishing the king into another dimension.

Final Episode

In the final episode, he was seemingly killed when Sonic and Sally destroyed his doomsday base, but in actuality there was supposed to be another season where it was revealed that Robotnik was actually banished into the Void, where he would become a servant to Ixis Naugus, who is the only person Robotnik is afraid of. However, the show's abrupt cancellation prevented this, leading to what is perhaps one of the worst unresolved cliffhanger in television history.


Robotnik is cruel, sadistic, cantankerous, ruthless, and egotistical. He has a relatively short temper and is often brash and overconfident with his designs. A personal grudge he holds against Sonic frequently clouds his better judgment. This is shown when he took the chance to fire a missile at Sonic even though his escape pod was short on fuel and if he fired the missile, he would crash (but the missile didn't fire because of damaged circuitry). However, he was still very a repulsive character, and was not above lying, backstabbing and murdering to accomplish his goals.

An important subject to note is that, unlike the humorous version from the other cartoons, this version of Robotnik is much, much more evil. He is willing to deprive innocent creatures of their free will to get them to work for him, he is willing to turn formerly beautiful communities into severely polluted wastelands, and he doesn't show any remorse for any of his actions. He turns people into his robotic slaves if they don't obey him. There are episodes in which some robots are carrying on secret conversations with their loved ones, from before roboticization, only to double over in pain before proceeding to attack said loved ones because of the control Robotnik has over them. He even turns the ones who do obey him into robotic slaves.





  • This version of Robotnik was the basis for the eventually much more prominent comic book version.
  • When Jim Cummings did Robotnik, he used the voice technique that Boris Karloff used when he voiced the Grinch.
  • This version of Robotnik is often considered by fans to be the greatest version of Robotnik or Eggman, as well as the most evil. He was also successful in conquering the world, unlike his sega counterpart. Some fans, however, criticized this incarnation, claiming he has less personality, and is less inventive than his video-game counterpart.
  • He is considered one of the most evil Sonic The Hedgehog villains along with Mephilese The Dark, and Dark Gaia.
  • The Sonic boom franchise features a villain, lyric the snake, as having the same goal as satam robotnik: to replace organic life with robots.

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