Bob Kelso

What has two thumbs and doesn't give a crap? Bob Kelso! I thought we met.
~ Robert Kelso.
Just sign the damn form.
~ Bob Kelso

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso is the chief of medicine turned professor and the secondary antagonist in the TV series Scrubs.

Serving as chief of medicine since 1985, Dr. Kelso is often seen as an unremorseful sort of man towards both patients and colleagues. Until he retired at will, Kelso was completely descencitized by death and was infamous for his steadfast policy of a lack of insurance meaning the patient had to leave. This stickler attitude that was mainly budget focused rarely ever wained unless he had a personal connection with the patient. 

Dr. Kelso had one main enemy and constant thorn in his side was Dr. Perry Cox who after Bob was forced out at age 65 became the interim Chief of medicine for one episode. Upon the short return of Kelso as Chief of Medicne he eventually retired on his own terms but rarely left the hospital much after. This was due to while he was Chief of Medicine having won free muffins for life at the in-hospital Coffe Bucks (a play on the popular real life Starbucks) and that he must have loved the hospital deep down due to the long history he had with it. Another constant antagonist in his own life was Kelso's own wife Enid who he has said was overweight and whiny on multiple occasions. Being that he is no stranger to conflict, Kelso was often (and practically always) accompinied by the spineless lawyer Ted Buckland whom Kelso used for odds and ins beyond legal works that his job called for, which explains why Ted immediatly clung to the Janitor as his new leader.


Robert Kelso after initial retirement

Aside from what he displayed on the job at the hospital, Kelso indeed had a compassionate side. Wether it be for his gay son Harrison or with personal friends he might have brought into the hospital to be cared for like his friend from the park, Maggie. As well as his beloved dog Baxter whom he often seemed to favor over his own wife Enid.

You are going to shut your damn yapper and listen for a change, because I got you pegged, sweetheart. You want to take the easy way out with the surgery because you're scared. You're scared because if you try and fail, there's only you to blame. Well, Missy, let me break this down for you, Bobbo-style. Life is scary. Get used to it.
~ Robert Kelso, Chief of Medicine

Kelso later became a professor after the passing of his wife Enid and made sure to steal his favorite table and chairs from the Coffee Bucks. He later and currently is a professor at Winston University.