Dr. Rice is the secondary antagonist from the 1984 movie Cloak & Dagger. He is the inside minion of George & Eunice MacCready, who were after a game cartridge with a secret chip taken from a young boy.

He was portrayed by Michael Murphy.


One day, a young boy witnesses a murder; Dr. Rice and his goons shoot a scientist up in a tall building. Right before the scientist dies, he gives the boy a Cloak & Dagger video-game cartridge and says that the cartridge contains important military secrets, that he must give it to the FBI. After Dr. Rice's henchmen fail to kill the boy in the building, authorities soon arrive while Rice himself plays it safe by pretending to not know a thing about the crime. However, he did pick up a baseball belonging to the boy he is now after, with the name "David G. Osbourne" written on it.

He calls Davey's house (possibly finding him through a phone book) and warns him he will die tomorrow and have his cartridge back.

Dr. Rice's henchmen arrive at the Osbourne house first by throwing a baseball through the window, yet fall short again of recapturing the game cartridge.

During the fight, Jack Flack urges Davey to set up the two spies into the "Crossfire Gambit", causing one to kill the other. Jack convinces Davey to pick up the gun of the dead spy, but rather than shoot Rice, Davey panics and runs away down a dead-end path. Rice arrives and corners Davey. Assuming the gun Davey holds is the same red ink-filled water pistol from earlier, Rice taunts him by threatening to shoot both his kneecaps and stomach and allowing him to die in agony. When Davey proves unable to shoot first, Jack Flack provides a distraction and thus reveals himself as something more than simply Davey's imaginary friend.

Standing in front of a blank wall, Jack becomes semi-visible to Rice (thinking Davey had a real ally) who immediately shoots him. Davey then fires in anger, killing Rice and causing him to fall dead into the river.