Dr. Regal

Dr. Regal

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Dr. Regal is the main antagonist of Megaman Battle Network 4 and 5. He is the main villain of the anime MegaMan NT Warrior Axess. He is the operator of LaserMan.EXE.

Early Life

Regal was orphaned and adopted by Lord Wily.


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Dr. Regal was once a famous scientist. He told (in really the cheated) Yuichiro Hikari to stop the asteroid. Regal is the leader and mastermind behind the evil organization Nebula. He is a ruthless man and famous scientist and was responsible for the creation and spread of the addictive dark Battle Chips that provide NetNavis with extreme augmentation in strength, but at the cost of their personality data, and walks out on the project shortly thereafter.

Dr. Regal's goal is to spread the program Duo of the evil that existed on Earth and deleting then the program with his Navi but it is defeated and destroyed by the asteroid from Lan Hikari,Megaman and his friends. After attempting to commit suicide in order to avoid arrest after surviving. After returning and kidnapping Hikari with the goal of setting up the SoulNet. after creates a program named Nebula Gray and begins corrupting the net through the actions of his Darkloid servants. Definitively Dr. Regal activates the server to feed Nebula Gray the evil through by people. After newest defeat by lan and Megaman and destroys the dark chip connected to memories to dr. regal and nebula gray. Regal lost the memory at the end of Battle Network 5 by Wily with the help of the SoulNet's power, and he begins a new life as a law-abiding individual working for Science Labs.