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Dr. R. Muckly is the main villain from NAM-1975. An ex-scientist from the American Army, he and his daughter Nancy Muckly were kidnapped by terrorists during the end of the Vietnam War. Two soldiers, Silver and Brown, are sent to Vietnam in a mission to rescue the scientist. However, as they enter the country, they are greeted by their enemies, who were already aware of their presence. As they fight their way into the country, they learn their communications had been hacked. They find Nancy in a warehouse, but as she tries to alert them about their true enemy she is shot down by one of the terrorists, who is also shot down when he is interrogated. The two soldiers eventually find out that Dr. Muckly himself faked his own kidnapping as to avoid attention, since he was building a huge laser cannon which he pretended to use to take over the world. With no option, Silver and Brown fight the madman before he can complete his plan, destroying the cannon and killing him.

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