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Dr. Prätorius is one of the five main antagonists in the German comedy movie Didi und die Rache der Enterbten. He's the attorny who tells the five relatives of the dead millionaire Gustav Böllemann his last wish, that his whole wealth is inherited by a relative gravedigger called Didi Dödel. Prätorius manipulates the four greedy relatives (the fifth, Titus Böllemann, suffocated because of an ananas) by saying that dead people can't inherite any more. Prätorius tries many times to talk to Dödel, but because of the deaths of his relatives who tried to kill him but killed themselves without Didi's privity, he never meets him until the end. When he finally meets him he tells Dödel about his inheritance. He asks Dödel to sign up a paper which is believed by Didi to be the document, but in really it's a faked confession of Didi that he killed his relatives 'cause he didn't want to share the money. Then Prätorius takes a gun and forces him to go to the housetop to commit suicide. If all inheritors are dead, he can do with the money whatever he wants. Because of a coincedence, he falls down but is hold by Dödel. When the police arrives, Dödel forces him to tell the truth. After Prätorius did so, he falls down lots of metres to death, being seen stucked in the grass, only showing his lower body.


  • Prätorius is played by Wolfgang Kieling, so he's the only villain in the movie who's not played by Dieter Hallervorden