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Dr. Philip Addams was the main antagonist of The Addams Family Reunion and the son of the elderly Mr. Addams, who he secretly despised - desiring only to get his hands on the family's inheretence money - when the Addams Family mistakenly arrive at the Adams family reunion (due to a company misspelling their name) Philip sees Gomez as a rival and believes he is after the family money.

As is traditional with the Addams Family the ghoulish anti-villains have no idea that Dr. Philip seeks to destroy them, trying to befriend him in their own "unique" way - which infuriates him and he becomes very competitive with Gomez, challenging him to several different sports in an attempt to humiliate him.

Yet Gomez continually wins, further enraging Philip until he eventually snaps and reveals his true nature in front of the entire family when he attacks Gomez and attempts to kill him, Gomez finds this all rather fun and plays along despite the havoc it causes.

Oddly enough when the police arrive it is the Addams Family who are arrested and Philip, despite his rampage, is allowed to walk free - he is even given Uncle Fester to his "care" (being a psychiatrist).

However this is when Philip is revealed to be an even darker antagonist than before, taking Uncle Fester to his psychiatic "ward" - which is filled with patients he has been torturing rather than aiding: he proceeds to torture Uncle Fester out of revenge - using an electric chair, yet try as he may Philip is once again foiled by the fact Uncle Fester actually enjoys the experience.

Unwilling to admit defeat Philip continues to electrocute Uncle Fester with the use of the chair until Lurch arrives on the scene and "rescues" Uncle Fester.

When last seen Philip is strapped to his own torture device while his patients exact their revenge on him by continually shocking him with the device - much as he had done to them.