I really like you academics, but I've already told you that. (...) Really, there's no real happiness with you.
~ Willi about his dislike about Dr. phil's ideologies
I knew everything they did, everything, except one: They do it because of pure lust!
~ Dr. phil tries to distance himself

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Dr.phil is a fire raiser with ideological reasons and the accomplice of Joseph Schmitz and Wilhelm Maria Eisenring. He appears in the book "Biedermann und die Brandstifter". For a long time, it wasn't even known that he existes, but in a scene he was shown to be hidden in a ton all the time where he gets out with Wilhelm's help. After Wilhelm and Joseph left, dr.phil tries to distance himself from them, but Biedermann doesn't understand him because of loud noises. Then he left.

In the postlude, what's only allowed in Germany and Austria

In the postlude, dr.phil meets the Biedermann's in beyond. First, they don't recognize him because he looks like a guenon, but they realize it's him when he takes his glasses. He tells them that because everyone who wore a uniform when he killed or was killed, is saved, the devils are on strike. In beyond, he's a kind of guard between hell and main hell