Dr. Paulo Pereira was a secondary villain in the 2004 telenovela A Escrava Isaura. He was portrayed by Fabio Junqueira.

He always had a reputation of an incompetent doctor as most of his patients died or weren't cured. However, this was a merely a facade to hide his true nature: he was an unscrupulous man who used his work to murder many people. He deliberately gave them toxic medicines and ineffective cures. Sometimes, he murdered some old women to steal jewelry.

One day, the Baroness Eugenia felt a flu, and met Dr. Paulo for a consultation, where he gave a supposed medicine and told her to drink some drops of that medicine. She later felt better, and didn't drink the medicine. Some days later, one of her slaves got ill of a flu, andshe gave her some drops of the Dr. Paulo's medicine. That slave quickly fell a terrible pain in the stomach and, eventually, died. The Baroness, scared, suspected of the medicine and carried it to a pharmacist to study it. After studying the suspicious medicine, he confirmed her that it was arsenic. She confronted Paulo for that toxic, but he faked an apology and planned to give her another toxic medicine. The Baroness didn't buy any of his words, so he tried to force her to take the new medicine and, getting bored of her reluctance, blackmailed her not to tell anyone about her case, or she would die or forfeit any of her sons or grandsons. She thought at first that he merely commited a medical mistake without bad intention, but she knew about acquatainces who died after being nursed by him and had their jewelry dissapeared. The slaves were thought to be the thieves of the jewels, but they were innocents. The Baroness got afraid and moved from Campos de Goytacazes to Macaé, where she lived isolated too much time.

Time later, he had a bride who had an affair with another man. When he discovered the romance, he killed her poisoning a medicine of her and giving it to her.

Some time after her death, Dr. Paulo decided to woo Helena, the youngest daughter of Colonel Sebastiao Cunha.

After Leoncio threw Tomasia from the stairs knowing that her was pregnant of his offspring, Dr. Paulo was the one who examinated her and confirmed her that she wouldn't have any sons any longer.