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Dr. Octagonapus Lazer Collection 5

Full Name
Dr. Octagonapus
The Lazer Collection
Mass murderer
Powers / Skills
Shoop da whoop
Killing people
Kill everyone with shoop da whoop, Destroy the world with a magnifyed shoop da whoop.
Type of Villain
Parody villain

Dr. Octagonapus BLAAAWRGH!!!
~ Dr. Octagonapus about when he Shot his Lazer

Dr. Octogonapus is the main villain in Lazer Collection. He has mastered shoop da whoop and has four mechanical arms, a trait passed down in the Octogonapus family. He used to be much nicer, and taught people shoop da whoop.

The Death of Spider-Man

Octogonapus first appears in Lazer Collection 1, where Spider-Man loses his spider-powers and is later killed by Dr. Octogonapus with shoop da whoop. The world was shocked that one of the world's best-known heroes was murdered by a tentacled tyrant.

The Mass Murdering

Dr. Octogonapus returns in Lazer Collection 2, where he kills random people with shoop da whoop. Octogonapus, however, attempts to kill Officer Thomp and instead gets bashed up and officer thomp even fires his own laser, but because Thomp is unskilled with shoop da whoop, he does not maximize the power and therefore Octogonapus is not killed.

Newest Octogonapus

In Lazer Collection 3, the SWAT and the FBI are searching for the guy behind all the deaths, Dr. Octogonapus. New member of FBI, Randal (no-one can pronounce his last name) becomes obssessed in finding and capturing Dr. Octogonapus after the death of new superhero, Blind Man, who was to replace Spider-Man. Randal then finds Dr.Octogonapus and stops him from killing two boys. Subsequently, a fellow police officer named Bobby tells Randal the murderer's name, Dr. Octogonapus. Randal checks his ID card and it says Randal Octogonapus. Realizing that he is Dr. Octogonapus's son, Randal is persuaded into turning evil by Dr. Octogonapus. Randal grows mechanical arms and learns shoop da whoop straight away. Dr. Octogonapus leads Randal away, planning to teach his son more. He is only briefly seen in the Lazer Collection 4 and then is not seen till laser collection 5 trailer's ending, when he says to his son "you are learning well, my son."Two years after Lazer Collection 3, Octogonapus and Randal are living together. One morning, after Octogonapus calls Randal down for breakfast, Octogonapus accidentally kills him with shoop da whoop. He later appears to shoop da whoop a chimney sweep complaining on the job, having since acquired a gigantic robot, and again when a customer at a restaraunt complains his steak is 'medium sort-of-rare'. At the end, Octogonapus is banished from the Council of Shoop by Shoop-Cell for killing his son.



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