I smell something yummy. It's your brain.
~ Dr. Neugog's famous catchphrase.

Dr. Hieronymus Neugog is a monstrous and maniacal, brain-sucking genius, and a recurring villain in the animated series Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot based on the 1995 The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot by Dark Horse Comics.

Dr. Neugog (or just simply "Neugog" as he is called later) was a scientist working at Quark Industries who studied telepathy and the inner workings of the mind. Neugog created a machine known simply as the "Dynamo", which was designed to read the mind of whoever it was homed onto. Neugog attempted to impress the board of directors by reading the mind of a board member. At first, the machine fails miserably, and leaving Neugog merely guessing at what the board member was thinking. Determined not to fail, Neugog shifts the power of the Dynamo up as high as it can go. This appears to be successful, as he is able to read the board member's mind (telling him about his thought to put lotion on a rash he has because its "itching him like crazy!"). However, during the success, a spider falls into the machinery and mutates Neugog into a huge, green, arachnid-like beast with an oversized brain that actually protrudes from the back of his head.

He gains the power to devour brains from living people (by use of a long, tentacular proboscis that emerges from his second mouth), also gaining all the knowledge they possess.

When Neugog "feeds", the victim is put into a sort of comatose state where he or she is unable to speak, move, or think, just repeatedly uttering the same sounds "duh, guh, uh".

Neugog also gains the ability of telepathy along with an almost infinite bank of knowledge.


Hey, smart guy.
~ Dr. Neugog, before draining Dr. Alerbeads' brain.
Hmmm. A buffet of brains. Smart ones.
~ Dr. Neugog, before attacking the Quark Industries scientists.
Feeding time!
~ Dr. Neugog
Ah, the Boy Robot.
~ Dr. Neugog to Rusty.
Oh yes, I was Dr. Neugog, before I, evolved.
Now, where can I get a bite around here?
~ Dr. Neugog
Another robot. Great.
~ Dr. Neugog, before fighting the Big Guy.
Oh ho! You are hiding sweet breads in there, you Dickins!
~ Dr. Neugog to Lieutenant Dwayne Hunter inside the Big Guy robot suit.
So is your greasy brain right about now.
~ Dr. Neugog to Dr. Axel Donovan.
Food for thought, wouldn't you say?
~ Dr. Neugog
I'm gonna suck him dry anyway.
~ Dr. Neugog while draining Dr. Alex Donovan's brain.
Oh, I find you here. I'm psychic.
~ Dr. Neugog
They don't get it! I'm psychic!
~ Dr. Neugog
And when there's a brain, there's pain!
~ Dr. Neugog
It's so. It's so.
~ Dr. Neugog teasing Pierre Donovan.



  • He was voiced by legendary actor Tim Curry.
  • His first name Hieronymus originates from the Greek/Latin form of the given name Jerome meaning "one of or with a sacred name", while his his surname "Neugog" comes from both the word "neuro" meaning "nerve" or "nerves", and the term "Gog and Magog".
    • His first name was never revealed until the episode "Nephew of Neugog" (where actor Tim Curry also voiced a German scientist in a wheelchair named "Dr. Wildemor") as shown on a plaque near the door to his former office where his Telepathy Dynamo device is.