See him? Well this ugly dipstick is the evil Dr. Muhaha
~ Rufus Hound about Dr.Mu
Dr. Muhahaha

Left to right:Kieth, Dr. Muhahaha (or Dr. Mu for short), Steve

Dr. Muhahaha
(also "Dr Muhahaha" or "Dr. Mu" for short) is the main antagonist in the British television series Hounded.

He was portrayed by Colin McFarlane.

He is an evil but incompetent genius who constantly tries to take over the world in a parrellel universe who bears a serious grudge against Hound and always trying to destroy him. He is accompanied by his partner Steve and usually by a robot called Kieth. Although he constantly tries to take over the world his plans always backfire. But he always cheats because if he has been beaten he rewinds time and the day starts all over again.