Dr. Minyak is a recurring antagonist in the show, Henry Danger.


He had collected multiple Jolly Beetles and made them cry to make a spray to nullify the powers of Captain Man. Some days after nullifying the powers of Captain Man, Henry Hart appeared in his lair to stop him. After some banter between them, Dr. Minyak ordered his henchmen to capture him. After Kid Danger was captured, Captain Man appeared and after defeating the henchmen, turned his attention to Dr. Minyak. Dr. Minyak then threw all the Jolly Beetles to the floor and turned on gas that would kill the beetles in order to distract the heroes because they needed the beetles to cure Captain Man. Dr. Minyak and his assistant Nurse Cohort then escaped. He is later mentioned to have broken out of prison and shot Henry with a dream beam, putting him in a deep sleep. He returns in another episode, where he kidnaps, Henry's friend, Charlotte, and takes over her brain to turn her into a strong person that wanted to kill Captain Man and Henry, but they are able to restore Charlotte to her former self. Charlotte tells them what Dr. Minyak did and Henry and Captain Man take over Dr. Minyak and Nurse Cohort's brains to make them hit themselves with frying pans 95 times.


  • He is based off of Lex Luthor, Superman's arch nemesis.