Dr. Lawrence Madsen is the main antagonist of the 2014 live-action film Earth to Echo.

He is portrayed by Jason Gray-Stanford.


He is a construction worker working for the government looking for new builds to construct and when he finds out that Alex,Tuck and Munch he'll do whatever it takes to find out what their secret is.

Earth to Echo

He first appeared in the cafe where Alex, Tuck and Munch where eating who then goes towards them and chatting to them within the kids lying to him about their parents, he then takes out his tracker to find noises near the kids who see Alex with the bag with echo inside and then try's to see what it is. Alex keeps holding the bag too long with Dr. Madsen forcing him to let go of the bag and grabs the bag from him and then tells the cafe owner to call the police and take them home.

He appeared later when Alex, Tuck and Emma were trying to save Munch and Echo but leads them getting caught by Dr. Madsen within taking the camera away from Tuck. He tells them to stop sneaking around and lying, he tells Tuck to look at him and also tell them their plan about find Echo's ship, he tells a little back story about what happen to Echo's ship which was responsible by them within shooting down the ship and says if the ship flies it will kill everyone, they just want Echo to go home which to Dr. Madsen it will not happen because he is too valuable. He needs their help to finding the ship and to get it operated and disable it permanently.

He let's the kids come out of the van and talk to Echo, after trying to get Echo alive they decided to leave them alone for a bit. After the kids had escape Dr. Madsen and his crew started to follow to get Echo away from them who then got blocked off by a truck in their way but still managed to follow them, after the ship got away they drove away it unknown what happened next.