Dr. Louis Hastings

Dr. Louis Hastings

But he's the whole, Karen. Damien is the power!
~ Dr. Louis Hastings to Karen York about Delia's birth father, Damient Thorn.

Dr. Louis Hastings is the trusted physcian of the York family and secretly, a Satanist follower of Delia York, and a minor villain in Omen IV: The Awakening.

He was portrayed by Madison Mason.


After Damien Thorn, the original Antichrist, died during Christ's Second Coming, Dr. Hastings and other apostles of Satan watched over and protected Damien's biological daughter, Delia York.

When Delia is eight years old and is injured falling off a horse, Dr. Hastings, while examining Delia for Gene and Karen York, removes the embryo of Delia's vanishing twin from her. Some days - weeks later, when Karen is hospitalized after witnessing Jo Thueson's death, Hastings implants the embryo of Delia's vanishing twin into Karen; for Karen to act as a surrogate mother for Delia's twin, who will become the new Antichrist.

Nine months later, Dr. Hastings helps Karen deliver the new Antichrist, Alexander. Some days - weeks later, Karen goes to Hastings and interrogates him; impaling his hand with a scalpel.

After admitting to Karen about Delia and Alexander's true identities, as well as the plot to use Gene's political status to ensure Alexander's rise to power, Hastings tries to shoot Karen; prompting her to kill him by stabbing him with the scalpel.