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Dr. Logan a.k.a Walter Ashe is the doctor in the small community of survivors called Crawford (led by Crawford Oberson) in the Walking Dead video game.


Around Every Corner

After Crawford fell Lee and his group search it for medicine. Lee finds Logan as a Walker in an alley way that is killed by Molly. Lee finds a couple of video tapes in his office that show him examining a pregnant woman Anna. He tells her that according to Crawford rules she has to get rid of the baby or leave. She begs him to keep it a secret however he refuses. Anna then gets stabs him with a knife, takes his gun, and starts killing people which is how Crawford fell.

Lee later finds another tape in Dr. Logan's locker. The tape reveals that Molly (who used to live in Crawford) had a younger sister with a medical condition which is against Crawford rules. Dr. Logan smuggles her medicine in exchange for sexual favors. Later when Oberson gets suspicious he cuts off the deal leaving Molly's sister to die.


  • Originally Logan was portrayed as a more heroic and sympathetic character. Video tapes would have shown him trying to help Anna escape Crawford, however they would both be caught and killed by Oberson. This was later dropped with the introduction of Molly.
  • His voice actor is Roger Jackson.


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