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How should I know, I'm a dentist! But here's what I do know: If a tooth is bad, you pull it! Yep, mad brain's got to come out, boy. It's the quickest way to cure what you got - INSANITY of the MIND! Now hold still, this will only hurt until your brain comes flying out...
~ Loboto to Dogen
Bring me a good brain Sheegor, or Mr. Pokeylope becomes Mr. Smokeylope! (to Mr. Pokeylope:) When you're a dentist, you learn to have a sense of humor, you know...
~ Loboto to Sheegor

Dr. Caligosto Loboto is one of the main antagonists of the game Psychonauts.


Dr. Loboto is a mad ex-dentist who was sent to the insane asylum near Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. At some point the asylum was abandoned and Loboto took controll over it. Loboto is in league with Coach Oleander, who sends the children from Whispering Rock to Loboto's asylum, where Loboto extract the brains of the children and puts them in psychic death tanks.

While exploring his own mind during his visit at the camp, Raz, the game's protagonist, comes across a vision of Dr. Loboto attempting to pull Dogen's brain from his head, claiming that it is a "bad tooth". Raz is unable to overcome a mental barrier to see more. When Raz returns to the real world, he finds that Dogen's brain has gone missing; the Agents pass it off as part of Dogen's personality.

Searching for his friend's brains, Raz arrives at the asylum, where Dr. Loboto and his assistant Sheegor are about to extract the brain of Raz' crush Lily. However, Sheegor is not helping Loboto voluntarily, Loboto took her pet turtle Mr. Pokeylope and threatened to make turtle soup from him. After freeing Mr. Pokeylope from the lab while Loboto isn't watching, Raz returns the turtle to Sheegor who is now free to help him. To defeat Dr. Loboto, Sheegor returns to him, telling him that she found a brain that would be ideal for his tank. However, the brain is truly Mr. Pokeylope's. When Raz uses his telekinetic powers to get the brain into the tank, Pokeylope uses the tank to blast Loboto through the window causing him to fall to his death.


Dr. Loboto is a tall man with blue skin and two cybernetic eyes, one red and one green. He always has a twisted grin on his face, and he wears a big green rubber glove over his left arm. His right arm, however, is prosthetic. Dr. Loboto also wears what looks like an apron and a white scientist outfit. He also has a shower cap on his head.



  • Dr. Loboto is named after the term "lobotomy", which is when the prefrontal cortex has pieces of it scraped away.
  • His appearance resembles Dr. Finklestein from The Nightmare Before Christmas.