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Dr. Light is a powerful Mad Scientist who appears in several episodes of Teen Titans, once more a comical foe, but still not one to be taken lightly. His archenemy in this version is Raven, who regularly trounces him with the darkness she contains, and who on occasion can defeat him just by showing up and glaring, so searing are the memories of his beat-downs. His biggest scheme involved the young hero Kole, who could become living crystal and who Light wanted to use as an amplifier. He still lost. His final appearance was at the end of Titans Together, the show's near-finale. Uninvolved with the schemes of The Brain, he was seen robbing a bank. With both the regular team and over twenty reserve Titans on hand, Raven predicted that Light would freak out as never before.

Dr. Light

Doctor Light


Doctor Light is a villain who likes to talk big, and he thinks of himself as the most accomplished, clever and mightiest bad guy around. He is enjoys teasing his opponents with puns relating to light. However, he usually fails to live up to his boasts because of his overconfidence and a sheer lack of common sense. He is also scared by Raven since she went temporary crazy along with demonic and dragged him into her cloak in Nevermore. Doctor Light might be afraid of bats as seen in Birthmark but that's not confirmed.

Light appears to be your stereotypical comical mad scientist. His inventions are brilliant, and his technology is great, but he lacks the brightness to create a master plan, making him easy to outsmart. He's powerful enough to take all of the Teen Titans with relative ease, however, his fear of the dark is the only real thing that leads to his defeat.

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