Dr. Letz Shake is the 10th ranked UAA assassin in the video game No More Heroes 2; Desperate Struggle. He was first seen in the video game No More Heroes, and was ranked 5th. He was going to be a boss fight, but Henry interrupted the fight and nearly killed Dr. Letz Shake, but killed Letz Shake.


Dr. Letz Shake is a giant robot that's being controled by a human brain. He has four jacks that help him create powerful earthquakes, and has Henry encased in his armor.


Before Gameplay

Dr. Letz Shake somehow survived and seeked revenge on Henry before No More Heroes; Desperate Struggle even began.


At the Battle Royale Travis is participating in, Dr. Letz Shake kills all the other participants before Travis was even let into the battle grounds. When Travis informs Dr. Letz Shake that the object of his revenge is Travis's brother Henry, Dr. Letz Shake turns to reveal Henry's encased body attached to Shake's armor. Even though Dr. Letz Shake's brain is human based, he still communicates like a stereotypical A.I., stating what emotions he's conveying, such as "Devilish laughter!".

Boss Battle

Before the fight begin Travis says the's not going to kill him because of Henry, he was going to kill him because his big metal ass was in his way. Dr. Letz Shake produces earthquakes at random speed. Travis has to choose whether to stay on a platform that isn't affected by the earthquakes or go after the doctor. These earthquakes are so powerful that it can take half his health away. He also shoots lasers out of his sides. He can also create mini-earthquakes if Travis is underneath him. After the battle Tavis stabs Dr. Letz shake's brain and makes it explode, flinging Henry's still living yet encased body across the stadium. This makes Travis rank go up from the 22th ranked assassin to the 10th ranked assassin. Shinobu showed up after the boss battle, telling her story to Travis.