Dr. Kamikazi is a small and stubborn old man with thick glasses and a suit/bathrobe combo who is a self-proclaimed evil genius and the main antagonist of Robotboy. He wishes to capture Robotboy to create a template for an army of super robots, with which he will be able to achieve his dastardly goal of world domination. Most of his henchmen have a large letter K on their uniforms, to show that they are on Dr. Kamikazi's side. He has had many pets, ranging from snakes to cats, but they usually hurt him.

Villainous RolesEdit

  • In "Dog Ra", Dr. Kamikazi sends a robotic dog to go after Robotboy. He tries to separate Robotboy and Tommy.
  • In "War and Pieces", Dr. Kamikazi spies on Tommy and his friends. He disguises himself as Professor Machimo. He sends his army to Professor Moshimo's laboratory to capture Robot boy and takeover the laboratory. He tries to kidnap Tommy but fails.
  • In "Bowling For Dummies", he forms a bowling team and tries to tries to win a game in order to get Robotboy. He sends two bacteria creature to capture Robotboy but gives up when Robotboy defeats them.
  • In "Teasebots", Dr. Kamikazi tries to taunt Robotboy to his advantage by sending Robots to tease him. He captures Robotboy but fails. Dr. Kamikazi tries to destroy his own teasebot (because it insulted him) with a giant white mutated rat.
  • In "Constantine Rising", he sends Constantine to capture Robotboy but captures Lola instead. Dr. Kamikazi took credit for capturing Robotboy. But when Constantine reveals how he captures him (by capturing Lola to lure them), he yells at him. He sends an army of bats to capture Robotboy but fails.
  • In "Metal Monster", he used the government to capture Robotboy and take him for himself.