"Because of this, the inescapable conclusion one must inevitably come to is that this so called "hedgehog" is, in reality, a machine."
~ Dr. Narasu in his brief anime appearance.

Dr. Kai Narasu is a minor character made major antagonist in the "Sonic X" comics. He was a scientist at Area 99 (and/or a biology-related expert in the anime) until he was fired for claiming that Sonic was a robot, which misled his whole faculty's research. His voice actor was not credited in the anime.

Role in the comics

Narasu was first introduced as a part of the evil organization S.O.N.I.C.X. in Issue 23, when Sonic is captured by the team to be destroyed by them. After revealing the organization's full name, this causes Sonic to burst out laughing and the members look angrily at the one who came up with the name, namely Jerome Wise. He eventually escapes and leaves the team behind, much to their leader, the Organizer's anger. He appears again in Issue 25, creating a small group of Sonic clones of different colors, due to a small misconception of Sonic's original appearance. Sonic corners Narasu and asks about the clones, to which he replies there was only one clone left, a shorter, chubbier version of Sonic. The original Sonic defeats the last clone and escapes before the other members can shoot him. In Issue 38, Narasu creates a mutagen to transform Sonic into the monster the organization sees his as. However, all of his attempts fail as fellow member Hector Dragg tries to beat Sonic's speed due to being thrown into 3rd place by him, but also fails. Narasu realises there is only one dart and tries to shoot the last one at the hedgehog, who was talking to Team Chaotix at the time. This causes the dart to miss Sonic and hit Vector the Crocodile, who grows into a monster and starts a rampage. Sonic holds Hector and Dr. Narasu against a wall and orders them to give an antidote, but Espio says an ancient ninja remedy might solve the problem, much to the doctor's mockery. Sonic puts Charmy Bee to watch them, but it fails as he is tricked by the classic "look over there" trick. He is later seen at the final issue, preparing another assault at Sonic, but aborts the operation when he sees Shadow has returned.

Anime appearances

Dr. Narasu appeared once in the anime during Episode 2, where he states during a TV interview that Sonic might be a machine. He is not seen after that.


Kai Narasu is a very precise scientist, always trying to prove his side of a story, and can be really dangerous if his theory is proven wrong. Narasu, much like Eggman, has a very prominent "knowledgeable" facade, but also like the doctor, he is somewhat dim-witted and immature, whih causes some problems with the other S.O.N.I.C.X. members.