Dr. Hoffman

Dr. Julia Hoffman is one of the protagonists in the Tim Burton 2012 film of Dark Shadows. She is a psychiatrist who lives in Collinwood and she consults to the Collins Family.

She was portrayed by Helena Boham Carter, who also portrayed Red Queen, Bellatrix Lestrange and Mrs. Lovett.


In the beginning of the film, she arrives at the dining room and have converstaions. When Barnabas was released out of the coffin, he explores in 1972 and he came back to his Old Collinwood. When Barnabas is around a house, Dr. Hoffman sees Barnabas by the table in the dining room where the Collins Family have breakfast. Dr. Hoffman becomes Barnabas's Doctor and Psychiatrist and begins to help him out. Dr. Julia Hoffman asks alot of questions to Barnabas and he answers who he is and how long does he live and Hoffman reveals Barnabas as a vampire, she freaked out to Elizabeth and they should keep it to themselves. Next morning, Hoffman test on Barnabas to see how's he doing by taking his blood for a test but (she's actually using it for a secret from Barnabas). Hoffman secretly had a crush on him and next morning, there was something weird about Hoffman like she wants the curtains shut down. She appears on the Collinwood night party where she observes Alice Kooper.

When Barnabas Collins approach to Dr. Hoffman's Lab, Hoffman's secret was revealed, She fills Barnabas's blood inside of her and is because she loves him and wants to be like him, but Barnabas refuses to love her too and he became dark and furious and he begins to suck his blood out of Hoffman and killed her, Barnabas and his henchmen, Willie Loomis kept to themselves and toss Deceased Hoffman into her watery grave.

In the end of the film, she's seen again in the sea of the ocean and she comes alive as a vampire.