Dr. Jake Gallo

"When I think about them, you know, out there, in their rooms, on the streets, utilizing public transportation, downloading pornography, ordering their lives out of catalogues, cashing welfare checks, the whining, bitching, moaning, suing, copulating, and multiplying - it makes me sick. What we need, brothers and sisters, is less of them and more of these" (Dr. Jake Gallo, talking about the living while holding a corpse's brain)

Dr. Jake Gallo is the main antagonist in the 2008 movie Pathology, portrayed by Michael Weston. He is the leader of a group of six resident pathology students that hold a sick game of seeing which of them can commit

Full Name Dr. Jake Gallo
Alias None
Hobbies Dissecting bodies and killing.
Goals Commit the perfect murder

the perfect undetectable murder. Dr. Jake Gallo shows no respect for the deceased and actually takes pleasure in his killings. Like he says in the movie, humans don't need reasons to kill because "we are animals, it's in our nature". This, plus lying ways and reckless violent sexual behavior, gives him some of the traits of what would be sociopathic behavior.

In the movie, he is the antagonist to med student Teddy Grey, who joins the wild extracurricular game until Gallo realizes he is sleeping with his girlfriend. This makes the game risky for Teddy, as he mus watch out not to be the next one on the table. In one of the most bloody moments of the movie,

Gallo and Grey

he goes on a rampage and brutally murders three prostitutes using a cleaver, cheering after the kills, imagining that he is on stage receiving the crowd's encore. That's when Teddy realizes the danger he is in. Later, Grey tries to put an end to the game by trying to kill the group. Five of them die, but Gallo kidnaps and murders Grey's wife in what he believes to be the perfect murder. Upon completing his autopsy report on his murdered fiancée, Grey is knocked out by Gallo and then is forced to trade verbal barbs with him. Grey uses some of Gallo's own rhetoric against him in reverse psychology fashion, after which a fellow pathologist (Dr. Ben Stravinsky) frees Grey and together they kill Gallo in exactly the same way that he killed Grey's fiancée (during which, they commence dissecting a still alive Gallo).

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Jake Gallo is skilled with a cleaver and, as a doctor, he has a wide knowledge of drugs and the use of medical tools. He is also very good in the use of rhetorics.