Dr. Inferno is the main enemy of the Agents. He is an evil genius who tries to take over the world and bring the Agents to an end.


He commands many henchmen, and introduced a new hair and robotic arm part. His first ever scheme was to send his henchman, Saw Fist to steal an energy crystal so he could complete one of his experiments. As usual, Agent Chase put an end to that. His second plan was to get his thug, Break Jaw to bring him a treasure map from deep within the swamp. Agent Charge came to steal the map, before he could get to it though, Break Jaw left on his jet ski. Agent Charge caught up on his motorcycle to save the day. He then tried several evil schemes using his henchmen. At one point, he was captured by the Agents, but eventually broke free. He has many henchmen who he uses to do his jobs, which is why he is rarely seen in Agents sets. He is very rich, though no one knows where his wealth comes from. He was originally an agent however after an explosion that blew off his arm, he blamed the agents for his loss and had it replaced with a mechanical one. He rose up and created his own organization and hired many henchmen that were either deformed, or cyborgs. He created a laptop that had his most recent plans to take over the world, but the laptop was stolen by Agent Chase in his turbocar. After that fail, he built a giant robot that he used to terrorize LEGO City, though that scheme was ended by Agent Chase and Agent Trace. He also established a volcano as a lair, in which he created a giant laser. He once captured Agent Fuse and was about to drop him into lava, but the Agents came to the rescue just in time to end Inferno's evil plan. He dreams of the day he shall rule the Earth. It is unknown what became of Dr. Inferno, while his last plot was terrorizing the city in his robot. It is assumed he was captured by the Agents and sent to prison.