Ally i can do this, i am convinced that if i build this i might create a vaccine
Dr. Sussman's office
You go on home, i need to finish some....umm....unfinished work


Dr. Ian Sussman was a professor of Microbiology at the UCSF university. Dr. Sussman succeeded in growing the MEV-1 vaccine in a BSL3, even though Dr. Ally Hextall shut him down. Frustrated, Dr. Ellis Cheever rants about Sussman ignoring Ally. When Sussman was asked by his laboratory assistant what he was doing, he simply stated "I need to finish off some work, you go home." to then secretly grow the virus. Later, Sussman is seen in a café with a few sick people where he is shocked to the speed of the rate that the virus is spreading. After that, it is likely that he contracted the disease from the café and that he died But that still remains unknown.


Sussman was a persistant individual that wouldn't stop going even when a CDC official told him that she would shut him down. Sussman didn't realise how bad the virus actualy was spreading until he saw it in the Café.


  • Dr. Sussman's work appeared as a success at the end of the film but what he did was against the laws and he could have been arrested for illegal manufacturing of the MEV-1 virus.
  • Sussman was a selfish bastard due to his work being all special to only him.
  • Sussman finally got some mind when he saw what the virus actualy does and how fast it spreads.


Sussman in a lab

Sussman manufacturing the virus in his BSL3


Sussman in a café, shocked to see how fast the virus is spreading

On the phone sussman

Sussman on the phone will Ally Hextall from the CDC.