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Dr. Hydeker

Dr. Hydeker was a Shtriga that appeared in the episode of Supernatural "Something Wicked". He had kept himself alive for at least a century by devouring the souls of children, in the 1990's he once attempted to feed off of Sam Winchester when he was a kid, but was stopped by John Winchester who attempted to kill him, but he was able to escape. John was forced to call off the hunt to take his children to safety, and by the time he returned the Shrtiga had vanished. He resurfaced years later in Fitchburg, Wisconsin where he was sucking the lifeforce out of children and making them sick as they slowly died.

He was defeated when Sam and Dean used one of the victim's brothers as bait for him. He was lured in and the brothers attacked him. He died when he attempted to feed off of Sam only to get killed by iron rounds that Dean fired at him.

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