Dr. Hoenneger is the secondary villain of The Wolfman.

Hoenneger is the cruel doctor of the asylum where the protagonist, Lawrence Talbot, was sent to years ago by his father Sir John Talbot sent him to when he was a boy to convince him that he (Sir John) was not a werewolf, and that Lawrence's mother killed herself. Years later, Sir John has his son sent back after he himself becomes a werewolf.

Dr. Hoenneger is highly sadistic, and very unorthodox; his "treatments" include being strapped to a chair and being repeatedly plunged into icy water and being given electric shocks. It is shown that he was this cruel to Lawrence even when he was a child. He can be seen to represent the cruel asylum doctor who does not care about their patients and uses their position to abuse them.

Hoenneger has Lawrence strapped to a chair and placed in a gallery where there is a clear window that can show the moon. He believes that if Lawrence does not transform it will get Lawrence to realize that he is not a werewolf. Unfortunately, Talbot's Lycanthropy was real, and he transforms and kills the doctor by throwing him out of a window, causing him to get impaled on a fence.