Dr. Hell was the main villain of the mecha anime Mazinger Z. He was a brilliant, cunning and evil scientist, obsessed with world domination through his creations, the armies of Mechanical Beasts.

He was a colleague of Dr. Kabuto, a well-meaning scientist, and accompanied him on an archeological expedition to the Greek island of Bardos, where ruins of the ancient Mycenae Empire were found. There they discovered that the ancient Mycenae civilization had the technology to build giant robotic warriors. Hell stole that technology and used it to create an army of fighting machines with which he planned to conquer the world. Dr. Kabuto used this technology coupled with an alloy he'd created to build a robot, Mazinger Z, to halt Hell's plans for world conquest.

Again and again Dr. Hell's robots were destroyed by Mazinger Z, sometimes due to the in-fighting between his lieutenants Baron Ashura and Count Brocken. After nearly all of his robots had been destroyed, Mazinger Z and his allies traveled to Hell Castle, and Hell and Count Brocken were killed when Mazinger destroyed the Gool, Count Brocken's flying fortress.

He was revived as the Great Marshall Of Hell in Great Mazinger, and fought for half the series, however he died in the Demonika when Great Mazinger and his allies attacked the fortress.