Dr. Gori is the main antagonist of the Japanese sci-fi TV show, Spectreman (1971-1972).


Dr. Gori is an ape-like alien who was once chosen to be the leader of the Planet E, a peaceful planet with advanced technology at the other side of the galaxy. This turned out to be a horrible mistake as Gori was a power-hungry tyrant.

He wanted to manufacture weapons to overthrow the planet's government and eventually conquer the entire universe. However, his plan was quickly discovered and he was banished along with another criminal named Karas. Together, they wondrously travelled around space for many years until they discovered Planet Earth. Gori decided that he wanted to kill all humans and conquer the world. Gori used the planet's pollution to create various monsters in order to pull off his invasion.

Luckily, the people of the Nebula 71 Star sent a superhero named Spectreman to foil Gori's plan and save the human race. Spectreman defeated all of Gori's monsters and eventually killed Karas. With Dr. Gori defeated, Spectreman tries to convince him to use his super-intelligence to help the world.

However, Dr Gori decided to commit suicide as he would rather die than to be denied of his supremacy over the Earthlings.