Barron aka Golan MPHFPC

Dr. Golan

You could pull the trigger, but I know that is not in your weak psyche.
~ Dr. Golan insulting Jacob.

Dr. Golan is the villain of the book titled Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. He was a psychiatrist who originally looked after Jacob the main character of the story to help him out with the nightmares of his grandfather's death and the visions of hollows (three tongued monsters) he has been seeing. It is much later in the story they find out he is a wight which is a creature disguised as a human and it's eyes are all white. It was hard for the characters to figure out he was a wight since they are good at hiding their identity. Dr. Golan died when he was shot through the throat by the gun Jacob took from Golan.

Film Adaptation

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