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Dr. Glickenstein

Think?! Igors don't think!
~ Dr. Glickenstein to Igor
Dr. Glickenstein is the quaternary antagonist in the 2008 rendered 3D film by MGM, Igor.

He is Igor's diabolical, treacherous, and cold-hearted mentor who wanted to prove to his mother that he can do well in a science fair. He constantly yells at Igor and bosses for no good reason.

He was voiced by John Cleese who also played Cat R. Waul.

His appearance looks similar to a robotic-duck (a similar way that resembles a cross between a Gorilla and Porcupine). He opens his door for nobody except for King Malbert.

It looks like he has no feelings for Igor.



  • He and King Malbert are the only villains in Igor who died.
  • His robot-like parts are his arms and legs, while his duck-like part is his head.
  • He wears weird-looking glasses/goggles.

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