Gao Space Colony

Dr. Gao is an evil doctor who appeared and was one of the main antagonists of "Space Colony", along with Victor Krane. He plans to wipe out all life on Earth by using a doomsday missile which will start a nuclear winter that will take out all life and repopulate it with a bionic army civilization to rule the world by turning brainwashed colonists into his bionic super soldier slaves. He was however defeated and arrested by the end of the episode.


  • Energy Generation: He shoots an orange beam at Chase.
  • Geo-leaping: Krane gave Dr. Gao the ability to geo leap, after he saved his life.
  • Force Field: Gao uses a red Force Field to protect himself from the bionic team.
  • Triton App: Dr. Gao can use the Triton App to control bionic soldiers with his brain.
  • Agility: Dr. Gao was shown to have acrobatic agility when he was dodging Adam's laser vision.


  • He was portrayed by ????.