Dr Franklin They Hunger

Dr. Franklin is the secondary antagonist of the Half-Life mod They Hunger.

I feel them, I feel their hunger.
~ Dr. Franklin becoming one of the undead.


Dr. Franklin is a scientist in biology and administrator of "Rockwell Asylum for the Criminally Insane". He is the friend of They Hunger's main antagonist Sheriff Rockwood, even when undead and is the creator of the zombies. In the second episode of the story Dr. Franklin was caught in an explosion along with the player at the Rivendale Asylum, however in a dream light sequence at the start of the third chapter, a spirit of Dr. Franklin assures the player that "they will be back".

Near the end of the third episode, Dr. Franklin is shown to have survived the explosion and is half cyborg. Before the player escapes in a helicopter, they have to fight a robotic Franklin and eventually kill him.


  • Dr. Franklin uses a reskinned model of the bald scientist from Half-Life.