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Dr. Francis Jensen was an american neurologist who was often described as the "Godfather" of transhumanism and the inventor of Shredding. He is the main antagonist in the film Selfless. he is played by Actor Thomas Francis Murphy as Jensen in his original body while Actor Matthew Goode played Jensen in the body of one of his students named Albright.


011 Thomas Francis Murphy as Dr. Jensen M00053

Jensen in his original body before transferring his mind onto Albright one of his students.

Dr. Francis Jensen created Shredding to be able to transfer a person's mind to another healthy body. Jensen himself was dying to a unknown illness that made him paralyzed and needed a wheelchair. At some point, one of his students named Albright became his assistant into succeeding shredding. Unknown to Albright he would be used as a vessel for Jensen and the procedure went successfully. Jensen who was now inside Albright began to relive past memories of Albright. In order to cure this defect he created pills that will halt the memory if the patient refuses to take the pills the host consciousness will fade and the original person is brought back to life. He began to continue his experiments top secret and kill anyone that knows the truth and would likely turn on him. One of his experiments was a Russian who was torn to pieces and started his life as Anton his consciousness to another healthy body, another experiment was Martin O'Neill's Son Tony who died two years before the events of the film. Jensen's recent experiment was Mark Caguioa a family man who served the army who would be a donor for Damian Hale.

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